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Connecting the dots

anti-social at its best

I have a dream.

A wild, seemly unrealistic dream.

For the past few months, though it seemed I was making progress everyday, the dream is still far far away.

So I think I should make plans. Plans and actions make dreams come true, so my dream would become a goal.

I wrote down the goal and its dependencies using the DOT language, then I generated a huge colored tree-like digraph as desktop background with Graphviz.

The parts I’ve accomplished or achieved are in green color, those I am working on are in light-green, those I should pay more attentions are in pink or red.

Okay now it’s more like a game.

Next I started to simplify my life aggressively.

I made a list of stuffs I can’t live without, and started to think how to shorten the list and improve it.

I made and a list of stuffs I really don’t need, and started to get rid of them.

Okay now everything seems to be in proper order.

I realized just as there is meta-programming, there is meta-living. Knowledge-wise, information on Twitter is the most fragmented and disorganized, so let’s go meta-level, to blogs, to books, to code-reading, to actually working on the problems.

Okay now I understand things better.

I simplified my daily schedule, I reduced the number of websites I visit everyday, I pay fewer attentions to news, I unfollowed a lot of people.

Okay now I have a peaceful mind.

And now I am happy.