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Pigeons and Lions

Pigeons are cute, lovely creatures. They seem to be always perfectly harmless and peaceful. They are not created as killing machines.

Lions are dangerous and vicious predators. They could kill you in an instant. They are lazy, arrogant and proud.

However, when pigeons are caged together, at times when they are upset they might attack each other, with their tiny seemingly harmless beaks. In that case, things could get really, really messy easily, in many cases the conflicts will not be resolved until deaths or severe injuries occurred.

They know they are weak, so they tend to become over-protective of themselves.

Meanwhile, most of us have seen young predators such as lions fighting / playing with each other on the TV. One thing they always do is they will make sure they never truly hurt each other.

They know the power they wield, and understand the consequences if the power get unleashed unintentionally.

Every time I tell a lie to make myself look better, do something to act as if I am stronger, hold back when I should stand out and move forward, I feel that deep inside my heart, there’s a tiny pigeon, afraid of getting hurt.

That sucks.